A cup for each of us

Les tasses, gobelets et mugs en porcelaine se déclinent en 5 modèles dans 9 collections and in 10 colors. Each tells a story. What’s more personal than a cup. Size, volume, finesse. Each cup is dedicated to a specific moment of the day : morning coffee, meal espresso, afternoon tea or evening herbal tea !


The walkers

Sailing boat, Beach and "Envol"



Square et Traces

All the cups are hand made with the technique of throwing or casting. Similarly, the decoration is carried out in a unique way for each piece. The manufacturing time is 1 month, counting the drying time. Small practical detail, they can go in dishwasher and microwave. Handy when you want to warm up the morning coffee.

And also – gift idea – you can offer 2 cups in a gift box.