Classic and modern at a time

At first glance, these vases seem quite classic with sleek lines. The impression changes radically after a focus when one notices these little ants that run through the vase ! The branches of plum trees give a lightness to more massive vases. They are well in unity but give all their strength grouped. We can also take the option of color with the Berlingot vases that invite you to sunbathe ! And then those from the On the road collection, for an invitation to travel. The round vases work very well with a small succulent plant.


On the road

Round vase



The vases from the Plum Collection and On the road exist in 5 sizes and the one of Berlingot et  Ants in 3 sizes. All of them in 10 colors.

The vases are glazed inside and left raw outside.

All of them are hand made with throwing or casting process. The decoration is done on each piece. The process time is about 1 month including the drying process.