Handmade functional and decorative ware

The Atelier Terres d'Angély is a craft studio where the ceramist, Isabelle Nadeau, makes functional tableware and decorative ware.

Isabelle gives also pottery class during the year and training class also.

Isabelle qualified in chemistry and worked for several years in scientific journalism after which she decided that her true vocation was to be a career in ceramics. After one year Isabelle obtained a diploma in ceramics from the Institut de Céramique Française of Sèvres enabling her to become a professional maker.

In 2006 she opened her studio in Saint Jean d'Angély in western France. Using porcelain, she throws, models and glazes both decorative and functional wares.

A studio in Western France

It is all in sleek lines, unique and poetical. A meticulous work, full of sensitivity and poetry. The wares are decorated with small squares of colour, trees on a white background or soft lines. A discreet and sober decor.

Behind this discretion lies the rigor of the scientist, always looking for new recipes of clay, paper clay, slip, oxides, glaze. She tests, weighs for a rigorous choice. Her latest collection is all in cut-out of drawings of insects, small characters or cats that walk around enhanced with primary colors.

Elegance and sobriety

 Functional tableware for every day, solid and elegant, decorative and practical.